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Laura ParkerAvailable November 2023

Inclusive content design for everyone

Hello, I’m Laura.

I do content design for public services.

I’m dyslexic and dyscalculic, so sometimes I confuse words and numbers. My lived experience helps me do my job.

Right now, I’m working with a design team at HMRC Digital.

I’m a government design assessor. I help teams meet the Service Standard through discovery, alpha, beta, and live. 

Speaking at events

You can book me for design and content events in 2023. My talk is about designing for people with dyscalculia and low numeracy.

Please make your events virtual so everyone can attend.

Good to know

What I do

  • Content design

  • UX and UI writing

  • IA and taxonomy

  • Inclusive tone of voice

Unoffice hours

I keep 30 minutes free every 2 weeks for calls about content design and everything else. You don't need an agenda.

Part of the unoffice hours webring.

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